Project Description

DigiFC Football fantasy game

It is a Fantasy Football platform based on real Football Leagues.

User Challenges

The previous app did not cover these items which users need:

  • Creating their own team & Strategies easily
  • Real-time notifications
  • To see the Injured and suspended players list with a complete statistic of them
  • Easily transferring players
  • having games’ deadlines
  • be user friendly
  • attractive UI

Recommended Solution

Based on user research I came across the point where I should put a real-time notification for the chosen players’ situation. Also, I have put a countdown for the game deadlines on top of the game landing pages. Once users click on each player they can have real-time statistics on a pop-up page. Users can transfer each player by clicking on them on the field view. Also, I tried to design a better UI with the help of gradients, blur, and a dark mod which users preferred.


users can easily organize a Fantasy Football platform for participants to act and play as coaches as if they are managing real Football championship leagues.