Project Description

A multifunctional mobile application for Iranian migrants residing in Germany.

The client needs an application in which users could see Iranian Restaurants, lawyers, beauty salons, etc. Also learning German language, integration part, news, and Simulated deriving license test.

The problem was they did not know how to put this vast information on the app with a good user experience.

To summarize what I did:

After some research like competitive analysis and card sorting, I considered bottom navigation with 5 sections, 1- jobs/ Services. 2- news 3- I put Deriving license, integration, and learning the language as one category because these 3 are related to education. 4-a home section to have a banner, selected services, and news for business purposes. Moreover, I put driving license, education, and integration on the home page due to these 3 have more priority to just be on a link on the bottom navigation.

The other problem was they needed to have a driving license test in 2 languages, Persian and Germany. I should consider time management at the test so I came across this idea that users can swipe each question or answer to the left to see the translation and move it back.