User Research Case study for VOD Platforms

This a user research for a VOD platform that aims to gain deep knowledge about its users.

The Challenge

The new version of the website aimed to make the site an attractive channel for movie lovers, also it should increase the conversion rate by applying a user-centered design approach.

Research Methods and Process:

Gathering data


  • Interviewee: 4
  • Date: Jan 2020
  • Duration: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Goal: understanding of VOD platforms’ users

Here are the questions:

Diary Study

To collect qualitative data about user behaviors, activities, and experience over time I conducted a User Diary. I targeted 3 users who watch movie using these products and send them a diary requirements for a 14 days period. The participants send me a voice on Watsapp and also they sent me photos when they ere on trouble with the site.


Thematic Analysis

From data that were gathered of quantitative research I break down and organize data by thematic analysis. By this method, I ORGANIZED PEOPLES THOUGHTS, BELIEFS by moving back and forward between entire data and coded them.  To do these firs I wrote down all the data on paper or on my laptop, defined codes, and organize all the data. I specified each cod with a different color.

These are some codes that I specified from data:

-say and do

– think and feel

– see

– pain

– gain



To map out this information I USED CHARTS AND DIAGRAMS.

Empathy map

Empathy is the ability to fully understand, mirror, then share another person’s expressions, needs, and motivations. Empathy map allowed me to dig into our understanding of the user.


To represent typical users I created personas for each major user group.

Customer Journey Map

To represent what users do or they might do I conducted the customer journey map.


To sum my research and show how the system should be, I made a requirements table with essential needs.


Due to time constraints, the research and consequents assumptions are based on personal experience and a small amount of data. Also, deep analysis and additional testing need to be conducted in order to refine and validate the solution.