Hello, I am Anis – A Product Designer

I'm a listener, empathetic, and responsible product designer who starts from a position of curiosity to get to the end goal. During the 7 years of being a designer, I've worked on more than 20 products from e-commerce to games.

UI/UX Case Study

Case Study of Criteria

One of the most important features in Avicennaresearch.com

UI/UX Case Study

"Tik8" a Cinema Booking App

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UI/UX Case Study

"Zhoon" a Beauty Salon Booking App

Case study for mobile application and website for booking beauty salon services. 

Anis is someone who understands how to design great products, with a good design background. We were so grateful that she shared her time with us in our project at Hasin Tech Company. Her three greatest qualities are her intelligence, determination, and flexibility that makes her an asset to any organization.

Meisam Rajabi
CEO @ Radin & Business Development Manager @ Hasin Technology

Anis is a hard working and creative designer i had the pleasure to work with her in several years. Her work had a direct impact in gooshishop's success. she pays very close attention to directions and is ready to reformulate until she achieves the desired results.

Amir Jalali
Innovative Principal Software Architect @ McKinsey & Company

Anis is a talented individual with a constant eagerness to learn, grow and self-improvement. I have had the privilege to work with her as CTO in MABNA Company. She is flexible in design changes and will not give up unless she satisfies you. In all projects working with Anis, she impressed all of us by offering the best solutions for design. Throughout the project, she completed her assignments on time with creative ideas. I would highly recommend her.

Ali Ghazimoradi
CTO At Zemtrix

During the time of being a member of NetBarg's technical team, Anis has established herself as a self-motivated designer who always had high enthusiastic for learning state-of-the-art technologies. She was applied on projects that require both high levels of creativity and technical skills and frequently working under very tight deadlines. Some examples of the type of work she has been responsible for include illustrations, prototyping, web pages and mobile application design. She is fluent in all the appropriate graphic design software and has shown initiative in learning new skills.

Yousef Rastegari
PhD, 3x AWS Certified, Senior Solutions Architect at Local Measure